Service Providers:

Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgage Purchase Transactions Or Refinance Transactions For Homeowners Or Purchasers 62+ . For Your Primary Residence Only. This Loan Eliminates Your Mortgage Payment, But You Sill Need To Pay Your Property Taxes And Homeowners Insurance. The Property Must Be Kept Up. Also, Spouses Could Be Under 62 And Still Be On Title Only.

Conventional Mortgages

For Those Who Can Afford A Payment And Possibly Already Have Their Long Term Care Costs Paid For. Also, For Those Below The 62 Year Old Threshold Required For Reverse Mortgages

Real Estate

When Downsizing To A More Sustainable Housing Continuum, Use One Of Our LLPA Approved Real Estate Agents Nationwide.

Legal Services

Our Network Of Attorneys Are Poised To Help Structure Your Estate In A Way That Protects Your Well Being And Your Assets, With Future Distributions Going To The Right Parties. They Will Work To Help You Offset Potential Tax Consequences And Possible Leave A "Legacy".

Placement Services

If It's Placement In A Skilled Nursing Facility (After Hospital Discharge) Or An Assisted Living Community (After Nursing Facility Discharge) Our Building And Business Evaluation Process Is Second To None! We Offer Family Members And Potential Residence A Personalized Tour And Detailed Information About The Buildings, In Order For You To Make The Right Decision About Where You Or Your Loved One Will Reside, Temporarily Or On A Long Term Basis.

Financial Planners

Our Network Of Financial Planners  Are Well Aware Of Your Potential Needs That May Arise In The Future And Will Structure Your Investments Conservatively. Whether You Have A Sizable Portfolio Or Have Lost Most Of Your Wealth, There Is Later Life Planning® For You!


The Life Planning Companies (TLPC) is not responsible for the quality of Service or Advise Provided by real estate services,  financial services,  reverse mortgage services,  legal services,  insurance services, health care services provided by third parties that are a result of advertising by TLPC and/or referred or recommended by TLPC.  TLPC is not affiliated with any real estate companies, attorneys,  financial planners,  investment advisors,  mortgage companies,  insurance agents  or any health care professionals,  who may make presentations at TLPC seminars, Internet Advertising, Radio or TV Advertising and is not responsible for any  health care services, mortgage advise, legal advise, financial planning, investment or insurance advice provided by such third parties in connection with or following such seminar and advertisements.

Service Providers:

Insurance Services

If You Qualify For Medicare, Then Our Insurance Agents and Providers Have Policies That Will Work For Your  Health Care Requirements And Within Your Budget.

Homeowners Insurance Agents Here Offer Competitive Pricing And An Array Of Homeowners, Fire & Hazard, Earthquake And Flood Insurance Policies Throughout The Nation.

Physicians (Medicare)

This Is Where You Can Find Primary Care Physicians That Accept Medicare. They Know Health Care For Your Age Group And Are Located In A Close Proximity To Where You Will Reside. If You Or Your Loved One Is Moving Into An Assisted Living Community, You Will Need A "Physicians Report" For This Matter.

If You Need A Neurologist Or Psychiatrist For A Loved One Or You Have Personal Concerns About Your Well Being, We Have A Network Of Physicians To Assist You. If Your Loved One Is Moving Into An Assisted Living Community And There Are Cognitive Issues, You Will Need A "Physicians Report" For This Matter.

Home Care Givers

They Are So Many To Choose From. This Is Why You Need Our Network Of Home Care Givers That We Have Put To The Test And Their Businesses Have Performed Thorough Background Checks, along with FBI Fingerprinting Of All Their Care Givers. These Care Givers Are Part Time Or 24 Hours. 

Care Management

This Is A Valuable Service For Those Needing Care At Home, In Assisted Living Or At A Nursing Facility. These Professionals Are Educated And Extremely Well Trained In This Highly Specialized Field. Overseeing Care Givers And Creating Customized Long Term Health Care Plans Is What They Do Best!

Home Modifications

If You're Considering A Downsize Or A Remodel, And You Want Your Home To Be More Accessible To Those  With Physical Challenges Or You Want Those Kitchen Cabinets Lowered, Our Network Of Contractors Are What You're Looking For.

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