Reverse Mortgages

One of the best estate planning tools!

The Life Planning Companies is pleased to introduce you to REVERSE MORTGAGES as a financial tool within the Later Life Planning® system, enabling retirees and seniors to stay in their homes or to assist with long-term care if needed.
Reverse Mortgages are utilized by many retirees and seniors in a multitude of ways. Besides paying for long-term care needs, some people simply don’t have enough cash flow to live on! A Reverse Mortgage will eliminate any current mortgage payment that exists or provide the cash flow needed to meet one’s monthly obligations, all while having no payment required on this loan.

Combinations of Reverse Mortgages offered:

Fixed Rate

  • Lump Sum to borrower (Limited Proceeds)


  • Line of Credit

  • Lump Sum to borrower

  • Term Payments (Specified # of months) made to borrower

  • Tenure Payments (for the rest of one’s life) made to borrower

  • Lump Sum & Term Payments made to borrower

  • Lump Sum & Tenure Payments made to borrower

Line of Credit

  • Allows you to draw money from the line

  • You don't pay interest on money not drawn

  • Often used when people have limited assets and will need some assistance

  • Can Not be closed for non usage and No Non Usage Fees!

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